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March 26, 2011
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dream-whizper: Nameleya by Konokiri dream-whizper: Nameleya by Konokiri
Second Aurora Matterkat ^^ I made this one to show you what the dark coloured ones would look like :) Been working on this for like an hour I'm slow... or just careful :la:. So this'll sadly be the last time I use this for a while unless I get customs, they're too rare for me to make often, What do you think about have one or two of these out every month?.
Anyway, I like this one :la: the tail and wings are my fave parts of it <3

:bulletblue: Type - Aurora Matterkat
:bulletblue: Ranking - The rarest Matterkat type there is

:bulletblue: Element/Compound - Gallium
Ultra-pure gallium has a beautiful, silvery appearance, and the solid metal exhibits a conchoidal fracture similar to glass. High-purity gallium is attacked only slowly by mineral acids. Gallium arsenide is capable of converting electricity directly into coherent light and gallium arsenide is a key component of LEDs (light emitting diodes). In the 1990s gallium nitride (GaN) was discovered to emit blue light in light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

:star: Unavailable for breeding [link] :star:
Is too rare to breed

:star: How To Adopt :star:

Comment below with:-

CLAIM name of kat and why you choose it :)..... XD but I'd never let one this rare go so easy :giggle: if you want to adopt this kat you must write a bio/story for her of moderate length, this bio/story must be accurate to the Matterkat spieces and should have reference to her element I like symbolism :D

:bulletpink: It can also be autobought for 550:points::bulletpink: ;)

Autobought by :icondream-whizper:

:iconkonokiri-adoption: Adopt A Matterkat Like This One <3
Only member's of the above group or watchers of *Konokiri can CLAIM this adoptable, non-watchers can only autobuy (pay the points)

Character (c) dream-whizper
Art + Design (c) *Nai-Akari
This is a closed spieces, you are not permitted to make your own. Thank you~
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PINK--POISON Oct 31, 2013
*Q* oh my gurd! would this adoptable be able to be claimed ? and does it have to have the horn?  APH: onion austria :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp  and i have no adoptables and everytime i want one its closed -.-
No sorry :) this one is taken too.
PINK--POISON Oct 31, 2013
OH MY GOODNESS MOAR WINGS. *flails happily* So pretty! Good luck. I hope someone very deserving gets this rare jewel!
Thank you so much <3 I'm glad you like it ^^
p-o-c-k-e-t Mar 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
wow they're amazing <33
Girl-In-A-Fez Mar 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there such a thing as a dark-aura-matterKat? (just had the idea and wanted to know XD)
sanja280 Mar 26, 2011  Student
clemur Mar 26, 2011
Oh holy goodness :heart:

I have to try here ^^ but I have a feeling it will be autobought

Claim :heart:

Name: Leictreacha (leck-tree-cha)
Why I chose that name: Well, 'leictreacha' is the irish word for electricity. When I think Gallium, I automatically think 'LED's' so, her name had to represent that. I used it to best represent her 'electric' personality. Also, as a kat this rare and unique, it is only fitting that she should have such a unique name, don't you think? ^^

Personality: Leictreacha is one of those types that can light up a room. She is excting, energetic and fun to be around. She is, however, very easily controlled, and will 'melt' in your hands. She is, what many people would consider 'soft'-even for a Matterkat, although they all complment her on her beauty.

Bio: Leictreacha's clan is very close-knit, and, like many Matterkats, they enjoy looking after one another. When she was born, it was just like any other matterkat birth. However, her parents soon noticed that a faint blue glow was coming from underneath her banadages. She has kearnt to control the glow since then, however, and only when she feels a very strong emotion (i.e. rage, joy) does it happen again. When she was a Matterkitten, she loved listening to the stories the elders would tell her, and it filled her head with a lot of dreams that she is determined to live out.
Her ear-piece signifing the symbol of the God Kirifox that rules the Aurora-Matterkats has always let her feel very close to the Gold Kirifox, and she often feels like she is protected. Beacause of this, and how easily one can make her 'melt' in the plam of their hands, she has retained an innocent and naive outlook on life.
It is amazing that she still holds this happy outlook, and her clan still accepts her, although she has the feeling that noone will try and stop her if she decides to leave and chase down her dreams. This is because, when she was a MatterKitten, and still learning to control herself, an elder Matterkat taunted her. The blue markings began to glow, and the other should have taken this as a sign of danger, however, they just taunted her more. She lashed out, leaving a grey stain on the other matterkat, and that stain serves as a constant reminder of what she can do if she is not careful.
One night, as she was sitting on her own, she was approached by a rouge Matterkat, Sos. She hissed at him, showing her little fangs, and claked her ear-piece violently, trying to get him to back off. She understood the danger he was to her. She had heard of this roude, Sos, who would roam around trying to romance female Matterkats, only to play around with them and drop them as if they were nothing. He responded to her actions with a light chuckle, and began to talk to her in a voice filled with mirth. He promised her that she could live all her dreams, if she were to come with him now. She said she would, and all of a sudden her beloved earpiece-the symbol of the God Kirifox-cracked. She turned and ran from Sos, back to her family. They all saw that she had been tempted, and so they keep an extra-close eye on her. She is begiing to feel she will never live out her dream.
She works as a hunter for the clan, and every time she sees a shadow, she thinks back to that night and clacks her ear-peces, as if to make sure they're still there. Little does she know, that someone is following her, and plans to make her his next victicm.

Opps ^^' Sorry for writing so much. Again, if you can't understand how something links to Gallium, just ask ^^

Too late? XD
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